Screen Printing Squeegee Rubber

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Gold-Up Squeegee rubber are widely used in textile, decoration and various screen printing industry with stable quality.

  • Item: Squeegee rubber
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Specification: 50*9*3600mm, 50*9*4000 mm
  • Tension strength: 30 ~ 53MPa
  • Color: Optional
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    Gold-Up Squeegee rubber are widely used in textile, decoration and various screen printing industry with stable quality.
    •    Super solvent resistance, apply to multiple color printing.
    •    Super wear resistance, apply to electronics, PCB printing.
    •    Strong stability, good resilience, low expansibility, almost not influenced by temperature and humidity.
    •    Flat and sharp blade which apply to manual and automatic printing.
    •    Individually packed to protect from sunshine and dust.

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    Single durometer polyurethane squeegee blade
    Durable sharp edge with outstanding resistance to swelling maintains profile and durometer during production, for maximum printing performance.


    60,65 Durometer (red): Using a softer squeegee blade can improve stencil life and increase ink saturation.
    70,75 Durometer (green): The most commonly used squeegee durometers for print applications. This is a universal durometer that can be used for apparel printing (all ink types), can be used in almost any print application.
    80,85 Durometer (Blue): Use for graphics printing and apparel specialty inks. Graphics UV printing often uses harder squeegees to control ink deposition. Specialty inks and very viscous inks often need a stiffer blade to shear properly from the mesh.

    Triple durometer polyurethane squeegee blade
    The triple durometer polyurethane squeegee blade is particularly effective when high-speed automatic printing equipment is used. Triple durometer squeegee has a 90-durometer hard center layer for support to minimize bending and maintain correct squeegee angle and blade flex. Using triple durometer squeegee will extend the squeegee life, help prevent dot gain, and generate immediate savings on ink and other consumable through better control of the squeegee pressure. They are ideal for fine lines and halftone printing.



    Available in stock:
    single squeegee durometer: 60,65,70,75,80,85.
    triple squeegee durometer: 60/90/60, 65/90/65, 70/90/70, 75/90/75.
    sold in coils: 3/8″ x 2″ in 72″/roll or 144″/roll


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