SMT & PCB Printing

  • SMT Aluminum Frame

    SMT Aluminum Frame

    Gold-Up has over 20 years of experience in SMT aluminum frame manufacturing. Our SMT frames are constructed with 6063T5 alloy, it complies with ROHS environmental standards. The frames have uniform wall thickness for strength against bending when pre-stretched. The four corners are TIG welded and sanded for a nice smooth watertight finish. The mesh side is roughened to create excellent mesh/glue/frame adhesion. The frames are completely flat and strong, so they are extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • SMT Stencil

    SMT Stencil

    Gold-up supply almost all of the common size of SMT stencil.
    Normal size stencil uses unified 24T,29T low elongation polyester mesh, and proprietary imported epoxy adhesive,which is high precision,strong chemical resistance, durable and stable property When cleaned by Ultrasonic. The uniformity of stretching tension can be controlled within ± 1N/cm.
    All the stencil of Gold-up is using SUS304H-TA, SFGM304, FG301 Precision stainless steel sheet, which are imported from Japan. Its sheet completely removed the inner stress to ensure no distortion on the steel sheet after cutting.
  • SMT Pre-stretched Aluminum Frame

    SMT Pre-stretched Aluminum Frame

    Gold-Up Pre-Stretched frames of SMT are unique: Our over-designed aluminum frames are stronger than the industry standard to resist bowing and warping when the mesh is stretched to optimal printing tensions for the mesh being used.