Screen Coating Machine

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Specially used in emulsion coating for the big area and high precision screens.

  • Item: Screen Coating Machine
  • Max. Frame Size: 1000mmx1000mm, 1300mmx1500mm
  • Coating Speed: 20-150 mm/sec
  • Approx. Weight: 550 kg / 650 kg
  • Machine Size: (W×D×H): 1920x580x1900mm, 2120x5980x2300mm
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    Screen Coating Machine
    Specially used in emulsion coating for big area and high precision screens.
    • The PLC programmable controller and HMI man-machine interface are selected as the operation control system.
    • Can adapt to different screen sizes.
    • Coating speed, coating time and single- and double-sided coating can be freely set.
    • High-precision coating effect can reach ±0.001 mm.
    • A screen induction mechanism is installed to effectively prevent misoperation.
    • High-precision aluminum photosensitive ink fountain with anti-corrosion treatment.
    • The whole machine runs automatically. High-precision quality, low operating requirements, general staff can operate.
    • Frame loading and unloading are implemented by Pneumatic chuck which controlled by foot petal so that frames can be hold by two hands.

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