Our Ink spatulas have natural wood handles, Stainless steel rivets and stainless steel blade; the semi-flexible ink spatulas are easier to use. Ink Spatulas are a key tool for overall profitability by keeping your ink distribution clean, easy, and fast. the semi-flexible blade is preferred by screen printers for stirring and mixing colors. this flexibility allows for easy ink application on the screen making specific quantities a lot easier to manage.

Features and benefits:

•    Stainless steel blade. thickness: 1.2mm.

•    Natural wood handle.

•    Blade is free-deformation with good resilience.

•    Treated by polishing process with no burr to protect mesh from damaging.

•    Tapered blade for even flexibility. First chosen for ink stirring.

•    Tail end can be used for ink can opening

Available in stocks for shipping:

4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 13", 14"

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Stainless Steel Ink Spatula


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