The screen frame drying rack is a auxiliary equipment and it to dry in nature, it is very convenient and saves space.


 Material Aluminum Alloy (ROHS) + 304 Steel
 Material Profile “X” Industrial Aluminum Profiles
 Thickness 30*30 mm (die-cast alloy)
 Surface Process Anodized
 Splicing Process Screwed
 Blade Edges Polished Smooth, rounded corner
 Detachable Fully Detachable
 Package Size 1050x465x170 mm
 Gross Weight/ Net Weight 27KG/ 25.25KG


• Versatile design for screen frame drying.

• Move freely with the rubber wheel.

• Easy assembly and disassembly and save freight.

• Sturdily constructed and can withstand the high weight.

• Easy to clean.

• Suitable for 18”x20”, 20”x24”, 23”x31”. 

• Customize size is available.

Multi-function Version

In order to meet customers' requirement, we added extra functions for squeegee

and other accessories. Such as scoop coater, spatula, ink and clamps...

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