Waterproof inkjet positive film is designed for the silk screen printing industry, Screen printing desiring to use inkjet printer for imaging color separations, it's special micro-porous top coating provides the clearest condition of the film. These films are consistent, durable, use less ink, achieve ultimate black density and reuse the film positive time and time again.

Gold-Up’s waterproof inkjet positive films allow screen printers to output films faster.

Features and Benefits:

•    Micro-porous waterproof coating technology.
•    Dimensionally stable film means great registration and no curling.
•    Quick dry time equals faster process times and less ink usage.
•    Accurate dot placement results in excellent line definition and acuity.
•    High ink load capacity.
•    Thickness 4 mil
•    Minimal "yellowing" allows the processed film to retain the image over time and be used repeatedly.


•    Storage temperature: 23 - 86° degrees F (the best storage temperature is 73.5°F).

•    Storage humidity:30% to 70%. (the best storage humidity is 50%)

•    Repack opened rolls or boxes when not in use.
•    Allow material to stabilize to room conditions for 24 hours before use.

Product Support Information:

Compatible with all popular inkjet printers, Suitable for both dye and pigment ink.
Side of the film to print on: sticky and rougher is the side that will take ink.

Gold - Up offers different specifications of films can meet the demand of various- industries. Widely used in variety of inkjet printers for digital images, text printing, inkjet plate-making, laser printing plate-making, slide making, card making, circuit board designing image and so on.

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