This machine can directly fixed on the desk by screws ,it is mainly used in the one color screen printing.

The functions and features:

•    According to the height of the substrate ,chuck of the screen frame can adjust 5cm from top to bottom.

•    According to the needs, pallet can adjust 12cm from front to back.

•    By adjusting the turn buckle to suit different weight screen frames.

•    Fixing the screen frame adopts aluminium alloy pressing plate ,and it can make the screen frame more stable.

•    Falling height of the screen frame can be adjusted by the support.

•    This machine is detachable structure, the user can install and use the machine according to the specifications and configuration of the full set of tools.


•  You should make sure all screws not fully tightened before installing completely.

•  You can tighten all the screws after all part's installation and the whole press is adjusted alright.

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One color screen printing machine


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