Wooden Frames and Aluminum Bare frame Wholesale

Silkscreens are available usually made of wooden or aluminum - how to chose? and whats the difference?


For beginners, hobbyists and doing simple prints, the wooden frames are ideal, mainly due to their inexpensive price. Any wooden silkscreens I have purchased have not cost anymore than £20.00, and have done a great job.


Problems however can occur with wooden frames when they can warp due to regular dipping in a water tank or wash out sink when removing either ink, emulsion or both. I have found the wood can take a while to dry. There is also the problem due to continued use of the screen the mesh fabric becoming worn down and loosening on from the frame, causing the frame not to register as good as it used to when newer. This makes the screens unusable for multicoloured prints as the tighter the screen mesh the better the screen will register or line up for multicolour prints.


If you want a longer lasting Aluminum Bare frame Wholesale, if you become more serious about printing, or you are finding that your wooden ones due to continued dipping in water are becoming warped then aluminum may be the way to go. These can be more expensive, but they will not warp and can also be stretched and re-stretched many times. The mesh and glue are simply removed from the frame using a professional tool that doesn't do any damage to the aluminum. Once cleaned, the Aluminum Bare frame Wholesale can then be re-stretched which will give you the ability to use the same frame for a very long time. Aluminum frames are also light weight which has an added bonus of being easy to handle and shipping when purchasing is fairly cheap.


So if you are just starting off, then try a wooden frame and don't invest too much cash, if you get the silk screening bug, (which lots of people seem to) then invest in some good quality Aluminum Bare frame Wholesale, they will last you years and continue to give you great results even when you progress to more complex multicoloured designs and prints.

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