Why choose 1 Color Screen Press?

Why choose 1 Color Screen Press?

1 Color Screen Press is especially suitable for single color T-shirt printing. Composite structure & excellent packaging for convenient transportation. Equipped with manual instruction and full set tools.

1 Color Screen Press adopts full metal structure with parts of stainless steel materials, which is in advanced electrostatic spraying, elegant appearance, convenient in cleaning and not rust. 

Applications of 1 Color Screen Press:

•  The pallet is adjustable; It can be adjusted from forward to backward, from left to right.

•  It is overprintable which is especially suitable for printing onto T-shirt, pillowcase, bag, non-woven bags and so on.

•  Special design of spring devices in screen adjusting up and down makes it easier for the user operations according to the sizes and weight of the screen, which guarantees proper spring intensity to avoid squeegees expelling and inks splashing in higher intensity and screen unfixing because of higher weight of screen frames and squeegees in loose intensity.

•  Screen clamp can be moved up and down, which is suitable for screen frame within 1.8” (4.5cm) thickness.


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