Scope of Screen Coating Machine Application

Screen Coating Machine is Specially used in emulsion coating for big area and high precision screens.


Features of Screen Coating Machine:

1PLC control with touching screen technology has been used on the entire machine. All the function parameters can be pre-settled in the numerical display which is Easy to operate.

2Apply to all size and materials which are not beyond the limit of machine.

3Frame loading and unloading are implemented by Pneumatic chuck which controlled by foot petal so that frames can be hold by two hands.

4Emulsion thickness can be controlled by setting the coating pressure and times.

5Option for single sided or simultaneously double-sided coating, the number of coating is set individually.

6Infinitely variable speeds are available in two sides speed adjustment.

7At the final phase of coating process with a distance of 15 mm, the coating speed will automatically change into creeping motion in order to scope off any excessive emulsion from the screen to prevent any possible dripping,no retouch is required.

8The coating trough is specially manufactured, the evenness of coating is guaranteed by the absolute straightness of trough edge.

9Stainless steel kerve provided for preventing emulsions drop-off, easy to clean and main the machine clean.

10The buzzer is automatically activated after the coating cycle is completed which is easy to control the process even you are busing in other work.


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