Do you know Tension Gauge (TETKO Mat 7-50N)?

Do you know Tension Gauge (TETKO Mat 7-50N)?

Tension Meter:

Brand: TETKO(Made In Swiss)

Model: TETKO Mat 7-50N

Screen printing tension meter apply to measure mesh tension.

Optimum tension levels are the key obtaining the maximum performance of the mesh: Screen printing tension meter apply to measure mesh tension. 

•   This tension Meter is essential equipment for stretching screens.  

•   This highly accurate tension meter is capable of recording tensions up to 50 Newtons. 

•   Improved print quality.

•   Consistent registration print after print.

•   Longer screen life by avoiding over tensioned screens.

Features of Tension Gauge (TETKO Mat 7-50N):

•  This product is a portable, compact, mechanical tension measuring device for accurate and consistent measurement

   of all screen printing fabrics in Newtons per centimeter (N/cm).

•  It provides a simple control functions and rapid adjustment program, and ensure accurate measurement and display.

•  It consists of a shock-resistant measuring base with a precision mechanical dial indicator. it works on the principle of

   force deflection; the unique design of the meters 3-point measuring base permits accurate measurement on the

   screen (polyester, nylon or wire), independent of the screen frame or stretching device. 

•  Substantial improvement in tension measuring methods as compared to touch control, gauging by percentage of

   fabric elongation, and air pressure values.

•  Accurate tension measurements will improve registration and reduce rejects, resulting in increased productivity.

•  Reproducible and uniform tension measurement, screen after screen.

•  Protected in a convenient, rugged plastic carrying case.


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