Advantages of Screen T-Shirt Printing

* Screen printing is advantageous if you design your own t-shirt with large areas of block colour. Digital printing, and other methods, cannot print large areas as effectively as screen.

* Screen printing t-shirts is very opaque, and can cover any deep colour beneath it. Digital printing struggles to print light shades on top of dark, such as pale blue on bright yellow, without it looking green.

* Screen printing is great for whites, and even with DTG jet printers, white on dark often lasts no more than two or three washes. Screen inks are far more stable and are thicker so give greater coverage. You need offer no specific washing instructions.Choose us, we are professional screen printing fabric hot sale Exporters

* Screen is extremely cost effective if you have only one colour, and if you have longer runs screen beats most other methods for economy and price.

* The colours are brighter and stand out more when screen printing t-shirts

Negatives of Screen Printing T-Shirts

However, there are also a few negatives to screen printing t-shirts, namely:

* Too expensive for small orders with more than one colour in the design. 

* Takes time: most t-shirt printers will quote two weeks or more. 

* You have limitations on your artwork.

However, while screen t-shirt printing does have a few negatives associated with the technique, it is nevertheless preferred by most buyers and t-shirt designers because of the benefits.

The printers themselves will prefer digital forms of DTG printing, but if you find a t-shirt printer that will print your garments with your own design using screen at an acceptable price, you will have brighter and more durable t-shirts than if any other method was employed.

Screen printing t-shirts is currently one of the most used methods used by garment printers, but if you want to design your own t-shirt then it is best to have only one or two colours at most if you want the benefits of screen printing.

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