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Electric Stretching Machine

Automatic Stretching Machine

Electric large-sized stretching machine adopts PLC Microcomputer and technology of touch screen to monitor and control the whole stretching process.

Features and Advantages:
1. Easy to use, a large size of stretching area make it adjustable and15-18 frames can be stretched in one time,

    it indeed improves the product efficiency and mesh utilization ratio.
2. The base frame of the large sized electric stretching machine is equipped with a steel plate, the thickness of

    which is 12mm, in this way, it can increase the tension effectively with stability performance and ensure tension

    deformation resistance.
3. A whole and complete dual-chain drives X direction, which ensures synchronous transmission accuracy of beam

    in X direction.
4. The movement of Y track adopts electromagnetic control to adjust the speed, which will make the work earlier.
5. Two different specifications of aluminium chuck strips make it easy to adjust the tension. Dual-rail designs make

    the stretching machine can withstand enough everlasting tension.
6. It can adjust different stretch speed according to the different mesh count. Uniform and stable speed protect mesh

    from being damaged and the tension can be up to 50N. The uniformity of the tension can be controlled within

7. The moving track made to two-tier structure of stainless steel and aluminum alloy profiles. It ensures stability in

8. It has a long using life, high reliability and it is labor-saving operated, flexible, stable and beautiful.
9. Easy setting of desire stretching angle.
10. The size of the machine can be customized according to customers' requirement.

Common Specifications: 2000mm×5500mm; 2300mm×5500mm; 2800mm×5500mm 

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