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Aluminum Frame of SMT

Gold-Up has over 20 years experience in SMT aluminum frame manufacturing. Our SMT frames are constructed with 6063T5 alloy, it complies with ROHS environmental standards. The frames have uniform wall thickness for strength against bending when pre-stretched. The four corners are TIG welded and sanded for a nice smooth watertight finish. The mesh side is roughened to create excellent mesh / glue / frame adhesion. The frames are completely flat and strong, so they are extremely durable and long lasting.

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SMT stencil, SMT stencil frame, stainless steel sheet



        Fully automatic CNC machine tools used for

        punching on SMT frames, it efficiently increase

        the accuracy of the holes or threaded holes of

        frames. Deviations caused by human will be

        avoided, working efficiency and accuracy will

        be improved. 

We have many popular size frames in stock and also offer customize size.

smt aluminum frame

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